Virtual Reality Becomes a Reality with Vertigo Attractions and Parties!

Imagine this, you are in a booth, strapped in a seat with vision goggles on, and you are transported to a different dimension. Your body is being pushed up and down, left and right, and you are dodging giant dinosaurs coming right for you. Vertigo Attractions and Parties do have plenty of virtual reality experiences for both kids and parents to enjoy!

Fabio Camargo, owner of Vertigo Attractions and Parties- a virtual reality booth business says “We are living in a reality in which sometimes we look for breaks, changes, escapes, new adventures, places to go and to live other people’s realities through a screen, and that’s what grabbed my interest in the Virtual Reality industry.” He was inspired to start this business when he tried using virtual reality to find himself by getting away from his own reality and realized it ended up helping him appreciate his current life blessings. Now, he would like to share all the lessons virtual reality has taught him with the world, whether that be through a personal virtual reality experience for every individual, or by offering new virtual reality enthusiasts the same business opportunity that he has.

Since starting Vertigo Attractions and Parties, Fabio has been able to leave the corporate world, and focus on his passions, which include spreading happiness and improving education by making learning fun for young kids. Initially, the booth focused on games and entertainment rides only, but Fabio soon began exploring the unlimited potential that VR has to offer for the future, and incorporated it in more fields than just fun and games. Now, the booths can be used as learning tools for different educational subjects such as geography, history, strategic thinking, and health. Fabio doesn’t have any kids himself, but part of his inspiration for starting this company was the way his parents raised him, by wanting to provide him with the best education, entertainment, and experiences possible. Fabio now wants to share the same values his parents enlisted in him to other families, by providing the latest on entertainment and use it to educate and entertain kids.

On the other hand, if you think VR booths are just for kids, that’s something else Fabio can help change your mind on. His booths aren’t only just big at celebrity kid parties, but also at corporate events, holiday parties, fundraising events, bachelor and bachelorette parties and more. At corporate events, the interactive group games help employees become collaborators by sharing challenges with each other in order to start building strategies as a team. Virtual Reality can also make the players more empathetic and compassionate by stepping in someone else’s shoes. Adults can have fun in these games, just as much (if not more!) as kids can. If you need proof of this, just head over to his Instagram page, @VertigoVreamer, to see how often the grown-ups hog the machines at kid parties!

When Fabio was asked what advice he would give to any entrepreneur he said to “Believe in your dream and make it happen, regardless of what others think.” He is a great example of success for all those kids who wanted to prove to their parents that games CAN pay the bills!

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