Vertigo Attractions & Parties was founded in 2017. We wanted to create a new personalized attraction  booth made in America to entertain events and private parties. As entrepreneurs we also wanted to help others start their own business and entertain their community.  Four months later we brought educational content to parties  by using educational VR rides and games!  


Virtual reality (VR) entertainment for exclusive events


360 production of photos and videos


Photo booths for rent and sale


First company in America to bring mobile virtual reality entertainment booths with themed virtual reality games and rides experiences to exclusive events. These unique VR experiences are the latest on event entertainment!​

Producers of VR / 360 filming and pictures for extraordinary events. This is the newest technology in filming and photography for your events, businesses, or personal experiences!


Within a short period of time we were able to witness nothing seen in the United States before. Vertigo, screams, laughter, groups of kids and adults loving Vreamer. Parents now book us to bring our recreational and educational games. We are now entertaining celebrity parties. In May  2018 we became a member of the West Valley Warner Center Chamber of Commerce. Our videos and testimonials speak for themselves!


Continue entertaining celebrity parties and exclusive events by bringing educational and creative content to kids and adults with our VR grames. We are continually adding games and making Vreamer an exclusive attraction for special moments.

Our vision is to expand the number of exclusive parties and events enjoying our attraction not only in Southern California but in the rest of the United States.




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Multiplier Game for events - VR

Multiplier Game for events - VR -VIRTUAL REALITY GAMES FOR PARTIES -VR gaming