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-We bring VR rooms or booths to you 

-Our multiplayer VR rooms can hold up to 4 players at a time

-Choose from our library of three thousand eight hundred VR attractions

-Best choice for a bithday party, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, or corporate event

The Idea:

In 2017 we created a personalized attraction  booth 100% made in America to entertain public events and private parties. As entrepreneurs we also helped others start their own business and entertain their community.


Four months later we included educational content in parties  by using educational VR

rides and games AKA edutainment and expanded our service to educational institutions and kids playground centers!  

Who We Are Now:

Our Mission:

To generate awareness on young & adults to use Virtual Reality as a tool for entertainment, education, and wellness.

Why we are unique:

The only mobile VR (Virtual Reality) 

locally-manufactured booths & cabanas offering VR customized attractions

Top Services:

360 VR video production for events.

Why us:

The best option in USA for event entertainment using Virtual Reality, immersive projection

games & mapping, as well as 360 video production.

Latest on Venue Decor:

VR immersive projection mapping on venue's walls, floor, and ceiling.

Who we are now:

The only mobile VR (Virtual Reality) locally-manufactured booths & cabanas offering

VR customized EDUTAINMENT in USA. We are located in Los Angeles, California.

Suppliers of interactive projection game systems for venues and events. 

Producers of 360 videos and live events

Providers of best entertainment for schools, senior living, playgrounds, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, birthday party, wedding, corporate event, fundraising event, quincianera, sweet sixteen, bachelor party, holiday party, school party, college party, university party, trade show and traffic building, school festival, churches, neighborhood parties, summer camps, grand openings, sporting events, community centers,  and daycare centers. 

The Future:

Continue using virtual reality as a tool to educate and entertain kids and adults. Bring people to places where they would never imagine they could be.


Making learning and entertainment more interesting using VR.

Provide all public places with virtual reality entertainment and immersive projection attractions

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