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Virtual Reality, the revolutionary tool on entertainment, education, and health

There is no doubt that VR is revolutionizing the world and there is a company in the United States that understands this concept very well - Vertigo Attractions & Parties! Our virtual reality booths have creative VR educational and entertainment attractions. We are now also producing 360 degrees videos and photos for events and real estate purposes. The future of VR and 360 filming is here!


With our educational VR attractions, we want to generate awareness of what kids with learning disabilities such as autism go through. We make parents and kids experience how kids with autism feel and see the world by using our VR attractions.


Educational attractions also help students understand subjects like history, math, biology, and geography. We can make students visit dozens of museums in virtual reality from our own home. Customers travel to almost any city in the world and feel like we are physically there. Students learn, see, and almost touch every internal part of the human body. 


With our VR entertainment attractions, kids can ride roller coasters, car racing, virtual dinosaur journeys, or practice many sports with our virtual reality attractions. Kids get to choose what city in the world we get to try the roller coaster on. We can fly through canyons or interact with dinosaurs while screaming on a roller coaster.


Adults not only love the entertainment attractions described above but also have access to content for adults only. This content is very popular in bachelor and bachelorette events. Adult attractions can be very creative! 


VR is also used for health benefits and there are hundreds of researches that proof that patients with chronic pain saw and felt the results of lowering and/or forgetting about the pain while using VR. Let’s check some examples:


  • Forbes wrote an article titled: ”Virtual Reality: The Alternative To Marijuana And Opioids For Pain Management”. In this article, we explain how VR is not an invasive treatment as Marihuana or medicine could be.


  • On May 28, 2017, NBC News posted a video on how Dr. Kim Bullock, a neuropsychiatrist at Stanford University, uses virtual reality for conditions like severe anxiety showing a great benefit of that treatment: “patients’ chronic pain disappeared”


  • The New York Times on April 29, 2019, wrote an article on pain management using VR. “Virtual Reality as Therapy for Pain. It’s more than a distraction, researchers say. It’s more like a brain hack that occupies the brain so fully that it has no room to process pain sensations at the same time.”


  • The Washington Post also wrote an article on June 9, 2018 describing how “Virtual reality is being used by hospitals to help people cope with pain” The same article shows how a nurse is drawing blood from a kid who is using virtual reality preventing him to see the moment when the nurse inserts the needle in his arm.


But let’s see how this great idea started and has become a reality in Los Angeles, California.


The Idea and beginning: The owner Vertigo Attractions & Parties traveled to Eastern Europe with his brother and one of his best friends. While in Odessa, they enjoyed a VR attraction at a small stand close to the beach. That idea was improved and materialized in California to create the best mobile VR company in the United States. We wanted to create a new personalized attraction booth made in America to entertain events and private parties. As entrepreneurs, we also wanted to help others start their own business and entertain our communities.  Four months later we brought educational content to parties by using educational VR rides and games!  


What we do now


  • Virtual reality (VR) entertainment for exclusive events and educational purposes (empathy).


  • Producers of VR / 360 filming and pictures for extraordinary events. This is the newest technology in filming and photography for events, businesses, or personal experiences


The Results

Within a short period of time, we were able to witness nothing seen in the United States before. Vertigo, screams, laughter, groups of kids and adults loving VR. Parents now book them to bring recreational and educational games. We are now entertaining celebrity parties like Kevin Hart, Celine Dion, and Christine Chiu from Crazy Rich Asians (Netflix). Our videos and testimonials speak for themselves!


What's Next

Continue entertaining celebrity parties and exclusive events by bringing educational and creative content to kids and adults with our VR games. Our vision is to expand the number of exclusive parties, schools, pain centers, cancer treatment centers, and private events enjoying VR attractions not only in Southern California but in the rest of the United States.

Want to learn more about virtual reality or how you can use VR at your place, company, or event? Contact us for a free consultation and idea-sharing,

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