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Our Story


Virtual Reality, the revolutionary tool on entertainment, education,
and health

Undoubtedly, VR is revolutionizing the world, and Vertigo Attractions & Parties, a company based in the United States, truly grasps the significance of this transformation. Our virtual reality mobile rooms offer a range of creative attractions, from educational experiences to entertaining content. We've expanded our offerings to usher in the future of edutainment.


In our commitment to educational VR attractions, we aim to foster awareness of the challenges faced by children with learning disabilities such as autism. Through our VR experiences, parents and kids can immerse themselves in the world as perceived by children with autism, promoting empathy and understanding.


Our educational attractions also serve as valuable tools for students, enhancing their grasp of subjects like history, math, biology, and geography. Students can virtually explore numerous museums from the comfort of their homes, providing an immersive learning experience. With our VR technology, they can delve into the intricacies of the human body, almost feeling as if they could touch each internal part.


Turning to our VR edutainment experiences, children can embark on thrilling adventures, from riding roller coasters and engaging in car races to virtual dinosaur journeys and sports simulations. The ability to choose any city in the world for roller coaster experiences adds an exciting dimension to the entertainment. Meanwhile, adults can enjoy exclusive content tailored for mature audiences, making our attractions a hit at events like bachelor and bachelorette parties.


The inception of this groundbreaking idea took place in Los Angeles, California, where the owner of Vertigo Attractions & Parties drew inspiration from a VR experience in Eastern Europe. The vision evolved into creating the best mobile VR company in the United States, aiming to deliver personalized attractions for events and private parties.

Presently, Vertigo Attractions & Parties specializes in providing VR edutainment for exclusive events and educational purposes. As pioneers in the industry, we cater to extraordinary events, businesses, and personal experiences. Our mobile VR rooms, featuring themed games and rides, have set a new standard for event entertainment in the United States.

Beyond entertainment, VR is making significant strides in the realm of health benefits. Numerous studies highlight its effectiveness in alleviating chronic pain, offering a non-invasive alternative to traditional treatments. Notable media outlets such as Forbes, NBC News, The New York Times, and The Washington Post have covered the positive impact of VR on pain management.


  • Forbes wrote an article titled: ”Virtual Reality: The Alternative To Marijuana And Opioids For Pain Management”. In this article, we explain how VR is not an invasive treatment as Marihuana or medicine could be.


  • On May 28, 2017, NBC News posted a video on how Dr. Kim Bullock, a neuropsychiatrist at Stanford University, uses virtual reality for conditions like severe anxiety showing a great benefit of that treatment: “patients’ chronic pain disappeared”


  • The New York Times on April 29, 2019, wrote an article on pain management using VR. “Virtual Reality as Therapy for Pain. It’s more than a distraction, researchers say. It’s more like a brain hack that occupies the brain so fully that it has no room to process pain sensations at the same time.”


  • The Washington Post also wrote an article on June 9, 2018 describing how “Virtual reality is being used by hospitals to help people cope with pain” The same article shows how a nurse is drawing blood from a kid who is using virtual reality preventing him to see the moment when the nurse inserts the needle in his arm.


What we do now



The Results

The results have been exceptional, with enthusiastic responses from both kids and adults at events, including celebrity parties featuring Kevin Hart, Celine Dion, and Christine Chiu from Crazy Rich Asians. The success is evident in our videos and testimonials.


What's Next

Looking ahead, our goal is to continue entertaining at celebrity parties and exclusive events, bringing educational and creative VR content to audiences of all ages. We aspire to expand our reach beyond Southern California, reaching schools, pain centers, cancer treatment centers, and private events across the entire United States.

For those interested in learning more about virtual reality or exploring its use in their spaces, companies, or events, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation and idea-sharing session. Click the button below and let's chat!

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